IPL Photo facial

For Age Spots and Sun Spots

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Also known as a "photofacial" treatment it delivers broadband light through the skin for Skin rejuvenation. IPL helps restore a youthful looking skin intended for photo aged or sun damaged skin. It helps decrease facial redness, lessen the appearance of pigmented spots, reduce pore size and improve texture and fine lines

Laser Hair Removal

Now men and women are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past, thanks to CoolGlide Laser systems. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! CoolGlide laser systems deliver 21 st century technology for treatment of this distressing problem.  Cleared for permanent hair reduction, CoolGlide lasers can treat men and women of all skin tones safely and effectively.

Pore Reduction with Spectra Peel

Introducing the newest application for Nonablative Skin Rejuvenation.

Certain conditions associated with enlarged pores, fine lines and pigmented lesions can safely and dramatically reduced for both men and women at almost any age.  Dr.Patel will evaluate to determine how this procedure could enhance your appearance.