Surgical Treatments

All of our surgical procedures are done under local anesthesia with minimal conscious sedation.  Dr. Patel supplements these procedures with a highly specialized regional anesthesia technique to provide for not only during surgery but post surgery pain control. This allows faster recovery with minimal nausea, vomiting, constipation or sleepiness.  Patients return to their routine activity in shorter period of time.

                                            Breast Augmentation              

Breast augmentation procedures involve the surgical placement of saline or silicone implants to enhance the shape, size, and overall aesthetic appearance of the breasts.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

Breast augmentation:

- Can add volume and fullness to the breasts

                                         -Can also effectively address the problem of asymmetrical breasts 

                                         -Can restore lost volume to depleted breasts after childbirth, breastfeeding,

                                          or dramatic weight loss

                                        BREAST AUGMENTATION OPTIONS

 Personal preferences regarding ideal breast aesthetics vary significantly among patients.  Fortunately, however, breast augmentation surgery is highly customizable, and patients can select from a vast number of alternatives in terms of the aesthetics, size and texture of their breast implants.  Basic implant options include:

-Saline breast implants allow for a smaller surgical incision, because they are filled with a sterile salt water solution after insertion.  Saline implants do not pose any health risks should the implants rupture or deflate, however, they are more prone to rippling than silicone implants.

-Silicone breast implants are pre-filled with a silicone gel, and are preferred by some patients because of their ability to closely simulate the authentic feel and density of human breast tissue.

-Size of implant: implant sizes are not measured in traditional bra cup measurements, but rather in volumetric measurements known as cubic centimeters with standard breast implants ranging in size from 120 cc's to 960 cc's

-Implant profile: breast implant profiles indicate the projection of the implant from the patient's body-patients desiring more prominent silhouettes should select implants with higher profiles, and vice versa.


A procedure done with the latest technology that can help sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, back, chin, cheeks and neck. Body contouring takes off inches giving you that lean look.  Although there are many important health benefits to following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, many individuals experience frustration when their healthy lifestyle choices do not result in a lean, proportional physique, and they are still left with troublesome aesthetic issue of localized fat deposit.

Fat Transfer

Buttock shaping, lifting and firming with fat transfer.  For rounded, defined and enhanced buttocks, this procedure is done with minimal incisions using your own body fat removed from a different area and injected into the buttocks.  Giving you the confidence of slipping into your favorite jeans or bikini.

                                                                                    Blepharoplasty- Eye lid surgery                             

Removing the excessive droopy skin from the upper eye lid.  For the lower eye lids to remove fat pads or bulges around the eyes.

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