Why Is Winter The Best Time To Get Plastic Surgery

Why Is Winter The Best Time To Get Plastic SurgeryIf you want to undergo plastic surgery, the winter season is the ideal time to schedule one for yourself. People opt for plastic surgery for various reasons like building confidence by improving their looks, defining contours, correcting deformities caused by an accident or injury, or feeling pressured to appear like certain celebrities. If you have been looking forward to getting some work done, winter is the best time to get it done finally.
Plastic surgery during the winter months offers you time to heal and recover fully from your desired cosmetic procedure. Depending on the procedure done, recovery can take weeks or months. Winter gives your body plenty of time to recover without interfering with your summer fun activities. There are other benefits to consider with winter plastic surgeries, which include:

More Time to Plan and Flexible Scheduling Options

Did you know most people wait until summer is close to start scheduling their surgical procedure? This makes it harder to secure an appointment that is ideal for your schedule.
Planning and starting your procedure in the winter period is the best time to schedule surgery with your doctor because it gives you the flexibility to choose a suitable time based on your availability. Flexible scheduling is vital, especially for extensive procedures, as it will help avoid the spring plastic surgery rush. This will fit well with your busy life and gives you plenty of time to recover. Ensure you are working with a surgeon that is board certified.

Miss Fewer Workdays

Some plastic surgery procedures require taking one or two weeks off in the initial recovery. Scheduling the procedure during this season has its unique advantages.
Most businesses slow down around these months, and most people get off days during this period, and it would be ample time to get plastic surgery without the stress of missing work. You will use less vacation time to carve out the necessary recovery time.

Not Many Special Events Occur During Winter

Most significant events, such as peak weddings and athletics, happen in the summer. You will want to be your best and fully recovered by the time these special events arrive so you can enjoy and not miss out on the fun.

You Can Avoid Direct Sun in Winter

Scarring is inevitable and is always at its worst initially after the procedure. After your procedure, direct heat (of any form) can aggravate inflammation and swelling.
A significant amount of scar healing occurs in the first few months; after the wound heals, the scars will be red and swollen. Direct sunlight can extend your recovery period and make your scars more visible and dark. The hyperpigmentation may sometimes become permanent, especially on a fresh scar.
Less sunlight is helpful because scars will heal without the damaging influence of ultraviolet rays which wreak havoc with the healing of your incision. Scars are also less visible and fade if you undergo surgery during the winter months than in summer.

Gives Time for Swelling to Come Down

Swelling takes weeks or months to dissipate fully and affects the overall quality of your results and the appearance of your final contours. It is, therefore, essential to plan your surgery early enough so that the resulting swelling is gone before summer.

Cool Weather and Ideal Temperatures for Concealment

Most plastic surgery procedures require surgical undergarments that are worn for several days or weeks following the operation, and warmer months can be very uncomfortable. Winter cooler temperatures have the distinct advantage of making these compression garments provide an extra layer of insulation and are much more comfortable.
Additionally, after the bandages are off and as you recover, you may still have visible effects of plastic surgery on your body. The cool weather also helps to hide and conceal the treatment area by allowing you to wear loose sweaters, long sleeves, hats, and scarves until you feel ready to show your new look.

Recovery Time

The procedure done during the winter curbs the temptations of physical activities and outdoor fun that are common during warmer weather. This enables you to get plenty of rest and relaxation, which is vital to your recovery.

Getting A Boost

Doing a plastic surgery operation during the winter season and anticipating the final results is sure to give you a physical and mental boost to plug through the season as you wait for the colorful setting of spring.

Getting Your Body Summer Ready

Getting your surgical procedures done and taking time to recover in the winter will ensure that the summer holidays will not be wasted and that you will be ready to flaunt your new look.

Start the New Year with A New, Exciting Look

It’s a great time for transformation and renewal as you spend time healing and recovering from the plastic surgery operation and reemerge fresh during the new year.

If you have been longing to get a cosmetic procedure done, winter is the best time to get your new look.

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